Two Neocons Solving the Worlds Problems

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Loss of Focus

Those who know me as a friend and a minister will be quick to testify as to my passion about political opinion. There is a greater passion in my life, however, that centers around my call to Christian ministry and though I try not to mix much opinion into spiritual matters, I wish to comment and seek dialogue on a matter that has bothered me for a great while. This article from the Baptist Press relays the happenings this past weekend of a "Meet the Press" panel on family values. The SBC representative is Richard Land who heads up the Southern Baptist Ethics Commission. I take no exception to Land's actual performance on "Meet the Press", in fact I've personally heard Land speak and he may be one of the more tolerant voices I've heard. Instead, examine the title of the article:

SBC positions gain national hearing on ‘Meet the Press’
Doesn't seem too troubling, except that these really aren't propietary positions. We Southern Baptists cannot claim the moral and even theological tenets of our doctrines as our own. In fact, the SBC's biggest boast is that we are a "people of the book" (BIBLE) and indeed I feel that's true. I worry, however, that our need to gain national spotlight for these views as SBC views have created a perception in America, that we are out for nothing more than political points. That feeling isn't helped by the own political bickerings within our convention. Articles such as this, and this reveal a use of energy on issues that have nothing with sharing the gospel. I realize that religion is a very personal issue to everybody. It is to me as well, but I would love to hear from other normal Baptist lay people and from those who are not Baptist as to what perception they think we're leaving a non-Christian world. One would hope that such a honest question might be asked at higher levels too.