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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Some Minor Hysteria

The sleeper issue of this campaign was "moral values" as tagged by the NEP exit polls. This broad category includes anything from a candidate's perceived integrity and ethical standards to his personal and religion to his stands on social issues. In relation to our political system I believe that the majority of the American people identity their moral values with some combination of those three. Today, however, there are those who want to claim that the "moral values" of those who supported Bush are based on nothing but homophobia. Andrew Sullivan claims that the Republicans based their campaign on "gay bashing" and stirring up homophobia.

The single most important issue for Republican voters, according to exit polls,
was not the war on terror or Iraq or the economy. It was "moral values." Karl
Rove understood the American psyche better than I did. By demonizing gay
couples, the Republicans were able to bring in whole swathes of new anti-gay
believers into their party. With new senators Jim DeMint and Tom Coburn, two of
the most anti-gay politicians in America, we can only brace ourselves for what
is now coming.
Now, there were some definite instances where some Republicans crossed the line. Coburn and DeMint had a few each. Yet, to go to the extreme and paint all of us as hating gays is wrong. I do not believe that homosexuality is natural or a born trait. As a Christian I believe the Bible when it states that homosexuality is a sin. With that said, I DO NOT HATE GAYS!!! Most Christians do not hate gays. Why is this important? Well, the more that Sullivan and his ilk paint Christians as "religious right, homophobic wackos" the more they invalidate our point without the benefit of decent public discourse.

I find this article from the Washington Blade interesting. The evidence is that gays voted for Bush by as wide a margin this year as they did in 2000. It gives me hope that perhaps not all of the homosexual community is going to be as vitriolic as Sullivan in the upcoming public debate on gay marriage. That is important because at least half of the country doesn't think gay marriage is right, and to invalidate their belief before the discussion even begins dooms any attempts at civil compromise.


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