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Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Roe Effect in Action

Channel One, the news network that high-school students across the country view within their classrooms, sponsored a mock election called "One Vote 2004." 1.4 million students participated.

President Bush won by a landslide. The President took 393 electoral votes compared to 145 for Kerry. The President also took the popular vote 55-45%.

While I think the President will win on November 2, I don't think it will be by this large of a margin. I'm on record saying that the President's electoral count will be in the 290's. So what's with the kids?

James Taranto of "The Wall Street Journal" has a theory he calls "The Roe Effect:"

our theory is that abortion is making America more conservative than it otherwise would be.

We base this on two assumptions. First, that liberal and Democratic women are more likely to have abortions. Second, that children's political views tend to reflect those of their parents...
I'd also add that conservatives are more likely to have children under any circumstance. They tend to get married more often and younger, they start having children younger, and they have more kids. They just tend to be more family-oriented. For a counter-example, look at the demographic trends of much of Europe.

For a pro-lifer like myself this is sweet poetic justice. Is it really so surprising that liberal hostility to family values eventually results in fewer liberal kids?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you see where Republicans have more fulfilling relationships and enjoy better sex than Democrats. They also are less likely to fake an orgasm.


-- Dan Benson :)

October 22, 2004 at 12:36 PM

Blogger Beyond Words said...

Dan, you're everywhere! Stephen, that's a fabulous post. An interesting theory. Makes me want to have more kids. Oops. Too late. .I guess I'll have to settle for...that great relationshiop with my husband.

Today is my youngest child's birthday. She's 14. She told me she took an online quiz and found that she was a liberal. I'm sure the test was over social ideals that make sense to a 14 y/o and not the political system that turns them into dogma. I told her not to worry, she'll turn out just fine.

October 22, 2004 at 6:29 PM

Blogger Phil said...


"Liberal hostility to family values" is a Republican talking point, similar to what Democrats say about "conservative hostility towards the environment." I know plenty of conservatives, and I've never met anyone remotely hostile towards to the environment. Likewise, having been a liberal most of my life -- I took a decidedly Libertarian turn late in the Clinton administration, adding a healthy dose of hawkishness after 9/11 -- and associating to this day with some really raging liberals, I have somehow avoided ever meeting anyone of any political stripe who is hostile towards family values. It's true that many liberals support ideas and policies that conservatives view as being damaging to traditional family values, but if you're going to label that as hostility then I hope you'll be consistent and recognize that, in supporting the Bush administration, you yourself are guilty of hostility towards the environment.

When I quit being a Democrat I had to give up the two-party system altogether. I just couldn't trade one set of facile condemnations for another.

PS: See how my argument changed after last night? Must be the eclipse. :-)

October 28, 2004 at 6:59 AM

Blogger Stephen Gordon said...


Liberals don't long for societal or family break-down anymore than conservatives are pining away for smog and polluted streams. But intentions don't mean much. What matters is the actual affect that liberal and conservative policies have on the world.

You're right that "liberal hostility to family values" is a Republican talking point. So let me be clarify: instead of "liberal" or "conservative," think of a traditional family. Mom and Dad are married, they have children. Dad provides the primary income.

When a conservative says they are pro-family they generally mean that they are in favor of scaling back the marriage tax penalty, school vouchers, encouragement of adoption, tax deferred savings vehicles for kid's college tuition and retirement accounts, abolition of the inheritance tax, and they oppose same-sex marriage.

When a liberal says they are pro-family they generally mean they favor family planning options that include abortion, they are against school vounchers because, they say, it will hurt public schools (never mind the kids that are stuck in failing schools), raising the minimum wage (which is both inflationary and leads to higher unemployment), expanding the welfare state in myriad ways, increasing taxes on "non-working" families (which again increases unemployment. That "working families" label has always bugged me too. As if people who earn over a certain amount don't work for it), and establishing same-sex marriage.

Some people think that liberal policies are better for families, some people say conservative policies are better for families. Obviously I go with the latter.

As for the environment, here's my take on conservative conservationism in a post I wrote over a year ago:

"Alligators Taste Like Money"

Obviously we need to be concerned about global warming. I'm holding out hope for some of the fuel alternatives we've discussed at "The Speculist" to help us there. I'm not in favor of hobbling our society with Kyoto.


November 1, 2004 at 8:53 PM

Blogger Beyond Words said...

Please read "Conservative, Liberal, or Christian"

November 2, 2004 at 1:01 PM

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