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Sunday, October 31, 2004

The Home Stretch

Here we are two days away from the general election and I've been on the sidelines for the past week. It was nice, I missed all the ups and downs of the last minute poll watchers. Why? Well, it's not about polls now, its about grass-roots organization and getting people out to vote. One only has to watch the fluctuations of the many electoral maps available to see the daily switch in polls. (I.E. Just check the archives. My point is that the polls are a HORRIBLE way to judge a campaign. I've spent the last two days reassuring fellow Bush fans to not listen to the media. The media was claiming that the Dems had a chance to take back the Senate in the mid-terms elections of 2002. The DNC even alluded to getting the House. Certainly the polls backed up those theories, but on election day, the voters shoved the polls back where the MSM don't shine. Not to be crude, but I look for a replay of the midterms and maybe more. Those who are backing this president are nursing a far greater desire to see HIM in the White House than those who are backing Kerry just so Bush won't win. Voter turnout is going to the big story of this campaign and I look for Republican and independent turnout to be some of the highest in history, while the Democratic turnout will slag. Final prediction: Bush will win with at least 290 electoral votes. If either PA, MN, or MI go for Bush then look for his EV count to top 300.


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