Two Neocons Solving the Worlds Problems

Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Choice, Part 2

I thought of another description of our choice on November 2:

GI Joe v. Ken
Remember that great commercial a few years back with GI Joe driving up in a Nissan to Barbie’s house? He whistles, a thrilled Barbie comes running out leaving Ken - tennis sweater knotted around his preppie neck - alone and jealous.
Here’s the commercial zipped and unzipped.
Everybody loves an action hero. We want a leader who is sure of himself and his beliefs. We want him to gather the facts, apply judgment, and act decisively.

Now’s not the time for uncertainty and nuance. Sure this is a macho and jingoistic attitude. But a woman doesn’t have to be Barbie to understand this too. The gender gap is shrinking.

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