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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The Genius of the Hitler Technique

I don't have much time tonight. It's late and I've been in class, at work, and at church from 6:00AM to 10:00PM. My main motivation tonight was to go bed and enjoy waking up next to my wife after a good 7 hrs of rest. That was before I made the mistake of reading the CBS statement (I missed it earlier) hoping to find, within it, a shred of journalistic integrity. As many of you knew before this humble post, disappointment was happily waiting for me. This post by Ernest Miller is a better response to CBS than I could put together, but I do have one thing to say: ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! SERIOUSLY, ARE YOU STINKING KIDDING ME!!!!
This is CBS' idea of an admission. That might even be slightly defensible except that it's not an admission of error. Today, CBS trotted out and said, "you should believe it because WE say so!" No longer does CBS feel it should function as a reporter of the news but "rather" as a shaper of American opinion. I don't know if this frightens anyone else, but it does me.
The title of this post is provocative on purpose because I want to allude to a connection between history and the hypocrisy of the left. Despite his obvious evil nature, Adolph Hitler was perhaps one of the most effective propagandists this modern world has seen. In fact, Hitler perfected a technique in which he believed that if you told a big enough lie enough times, then people would begin to believe it. I find it sadly ironic, yet telling that after three years of comparing this President to Hitler the left has reached the climax in using Hitler's most enduring propaganda tool. This CBS memo scandal is but piece of it. Consider that in the past month the left (including the DNC, MoveOn PAC, CBS, etc) has resurrected every piece of mud that they originally slung at George Bush 4 years ago. CBS has ruined it's credibility in order to fill the airwaves with the lie that Bush somehow went AWOL from the Guard and has been covering it up for the past 30 years. MoveOn and the DNC have both jumped on this sinking bandwagon in order to air ads that use CBS's false claims to tell America that Bush got his daddy to get him into the guard and then partied all the way through. Finally, Kitty Kelley has published a book in which calls the President AND first lady drug addicts; claims that Laura Bush sold drugs; and states that President beat his wife! It's unreal! I think that the left really believes that if they say enough, the rest of us will just buy it for the same reason that you heard on CBS tonight, "because WE say so."
Thank God for the technology we hold the freedom to have and use, because it has produced a way beyond the hypocritical propaganda of the left and much to their chagrin has created a powerful system of accountability to the facts in today's media. I tip my hat to all of you who blog and have blogged for years. You may be called amateurs by the MSM, but so where the members of the Continental Army. In this media revolution the Internet and everyone who is willing to Google and blog will be the Minute Men of truth. (Okay enough of the emotional analogies, but I seriously do thank each blog that offered a fair level of journalistic review.)


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The revelation today that the "documents" originated at a Kinkos in Abilene, Texas, points again to the Travis County Democratic Party, where Barnes and the other guy are from. Rather's daughter is active in the county group. He once spoke there for one of their fundraisers. Here's the Post story on that appearance:

September 16, 2004 at 3:11 PM


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